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Hire Editor UAE – the leading academic proofreading service in UAE, to grab the opportunity to impress your professor in the first go. We offer the best academic proofreading services in the entire Middle East, Gulf, USA, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al-Ain so there’s no hindrance between you and your grades. We have been proofreading academic papers since 2010 and would love to continue the legacy of sharpening papers to perfection.

Offering a starter pack of academic proofreading help online

Our high-rated academic proofreading and editing services aren’t limited to paper editing only. EditorAE offers a complete starter pack of academic proofreading help online. This counts in proofreading and editing services for theses, dissertations, research proposals, essay, MBA assignments and academic papers.

The masterful clan of our proofreaders and editors have been splitted up as per their expertise. A dissertation expert would be assigned for dissertation proofreading services and the same goes for other types of orders and papers.

  • Subject-expert academic proofreaders to attain perfection in all orders
  • The academic editors ensure your paper is sleek-clean and free from errors

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Top academic editing services in UAE: Quickest route towards A+

Aren’t confident with your paper? Fair enough! Because writing drains all your energy and a student is left with no energy to re-read the whole thing – and that’s where academic mishap occurs. Overlooked writing flaws can surely cost you your grades. To keep such unwanted situations at arm’s length, opt for top-rated academic editing services in UAE and take the easiest route towards an A+. The team of verified academic editors ensures to make your document goes through the extreme proofreading and editing stages so the final outcome gets you the maximum praise.

UAE’s real Ph.D. holders serve as academic editors at EditorAE

Even the best proofreading software for academic writing cannot beat the perfection that a human breeds. Therefore, to offer best-in-class academic proofreading services in UAE we have teamed up with Ph.D. degree holders, IPED Accredited Editors and retired professors, to scan every document through their eyes and fix the errors themselves. The team includes 400+ qualified and licensed academic editors! All of these team members are divided by their unique specialization but are united by one cause i.e. to deliver refined-quality papers to the students and make them succeed.

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Tired of browsing for cheap academic essay proofreading websites, but can’t decide on one because of the fear of hiring unprofessional pricks through your soul? Students do go through that phase. But crack yourself in happiness, because we offer cheap academic essay proofreading services all over the world.

  • To offer affordable academic proofreading and editing services, we do not cut the corners
  • The quality of academic proofreading offered by us stays matchless and is the hardest to clone
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“Academic” and “professional” proofreading are two terms that are hard to come parallel, as it takes years of experience to offer such services. I wanted cheap academic essay proofreading services but professional ones as well. I hired EditorAE and I am sure my experience could never be better”.

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One minor imperfection – and you’d be watching your contributions dissolving in thin air. Our first-rated and cheap academic proofreading service will be always at your rescue. Whether you want academic scientific proofreading editing services or anything related to academic proofreading – we can help you with tidying up your written document.