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Upload your requirements and let us know what you want – and we’d respond instantly with a customized quote. The expert team of support representatives and editors is available 24 hours a day to receive your order and get the balls rolling.

We deal with every order with ultimate precision

EditorAE has the unique ability to deal with every order with ultimate precision in terms of editing and pricing. Depending upon the needs of each customer, the quote is designed and shared with the customer. And don’t worry; all of our price quotes are attached with discounts and other beneficial programs.

Proofreading Price

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  • Urgent proofreading service – DHS 150 per 1000 words
  • Regular proofreading service – DHS 50 per 1000 words
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3 easy steps to work with our proofreading and editing experts

Working with our proofreading and editing experts is an easy-peasy process! It takes 3 steps to hire EditorAE, and you’ll be relaxing in your rocking chair. Following are the 3 easy steps for the role:

  • Choose your category and upload requirements to get the order placed
  • An expert will start working on your order, and you’d be kept in the loop
  • Once we are done, we’d deliver you the refined version of the paper

Let us reveal a trick to paying less for our high-quality editing and proofreading service in UAE

It goes without saying that students are always looking for ways to save some bucks for themselves – and that’s fair enough, as money is hard to earn. And we are here to reveal a secret trick that will help you save some bucks while enjoying the same level of perks. The trick is to place your order way before the final submission day. Because the closer the deadline is – the higher the final price is!

Therefore, keeping enough leverage with the deadline will help you enjoy regular prices, and you won’t have to pay for express services. The reason express deliveries are expensive and cost more is for two reasons. Firstly, the higher the prices, the more we can pay editors and proofreaders as encouragement. Secondly, to control the exploitation of express deliveries, we have added a bit of an extra fee.

EditorAE guarantees customer happiness by all means

Guaranteeing customer satisfaction is the core of our services. And in case you are unhappy with any of our services, the following steps will be taken by us in order to ensure you are happy with us.

  • Customer support evaluates your feedback
  • Quality Assurance looks for possible improvements
  • Unlimited revisions are offered free of cost

Customer’s opinions about EditorAE’s pricing bar:


"EditorAE is a group of very generous people in UAE. They offer high-quality services for such low prices, with so many discounts and free revisions. By taking a look at their pricing, I can guarantee they do not exist for money but to help customers with their valuable services."

Perks of working with EditorAE

  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Perfected version of documents
  • Express and on-time deliveries by us
  • Fastest customer support by EditorAE
  • Checks all aspects of the document
  • Unlimited freebies and discounts
  • Infinite number of revisions
  • Market’s cheapest prices by us

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Satisfaction Result

One minor imperfection – and you’d be watching your contributions dissolving in thin air. Our first-rated and cheap academic proofreading service will be always at your rescue. Whether you want academic scientific proofreading editing services or anything related to academic proofreading – we can help you with tidying up your written document.